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New Student Application

Student applications are different for new students and returning students. Please read carefully the following paragraph and review the Definition, Rules and Guidelines to see which terms apply to you.

Check List for New Students 

  1. Israeli grade transcript (High-School diploma, both in Hebrew and English) 
  2. Two Letters of reference (Hebrew accepted). 
  3. Essay (English only). Your essay should include information about your life in Israel, your IDF experience (unless you were/are exempt from IDF service), your purpose for studying at a Florida college or university, and your plans to return to Israel after you finish your education.
  4. Copy of Israeli passport and U.S. visa. 
  5. Verification of IDF Service.  If exempt from service, please provide an explanation and documentation. 
  6. Official transcripts of any college or university attended. 
  7. Letter of acceptance from a state-supported Florida college or university. 
  8. Submit Student Update of Information.
  9. Submit copy of course schedule once enrolled.
  10. When semester ends and grades are posted, submit official transcript. 
  11. Please mail hard copies to David Moore at the address below:

     David Moore, 
     Associate Vice President 
     International Education 
     SACS COC Liaison
     Broward College 
     Willis Holcombe Center
     Building 31 - Room 302G
     225 East Las Olas Blvd.
     Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33301

Application Deadlines

Deadline for scholarship applications:

  • Fall Semester Deadline:
    April 15th - June 15th
  • Winter Semester Deadline:
    August 15th - October 15th 
  • Summer semester Deadline:
    January 15th - March 15th

New Applying Students Click Here

Returning Students Click Here

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