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Community Service

Community service is essential not only to the application of the FII, but to your entire environment. We receive many calls about the Community Service requirement so we would like to offer some suggestions on how to fulfill the requirement.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Join your local synagogue, Jewish Community Center, or Hillel Chapter, etc. Contact the Rabbi or other organization leaders and discuss how you can serve the community.
  2. Other volunteer opportunities include working with the elderly, assisting Rabbis to conduct services on Shabbat and holidays, teaching Hebrew to children, working with children with disabilities. It is important to remember that you are acting as ambassadors for the State of Israel and your service to the Jewish Community is important and reflects how people think about Israel.
  3. Community Service must be performed each semester and documented by letters from a Rabbi, or community leader verifying the type of service. We have received pictures and DVDs from students. The more documentation we receive, the more points awarded for your community service.
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