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The scholarship offered by the Florida-Israel Institute (FII) is a waiver of out-of-state fees. Each Florida educational institution that accepts these waivers has its own tuition structure. Depending upon the area of study in which you are applying for this scholarship, there may be no out-of-state fees attached.


The FII scholarship will not apply to those academic programs that do not differentiate the tuition rate between in-state and out-of-state students, thus it will not reduce the amount of tuition due.  Please check with the registrar’s office of your respective institution to determine if this scholarship would be of benefit to you.

Application Deadlines

Deadline for scholarship applications:

  • Fall Semester Deadline:
    April 15th - June 15th
  • Winter Semester Deadline:
    August 15th - October 15th 
  • Summer semester Deadline:
    January 15th - March 15th

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