Dear Israeli Student,

Thank you for your interest in Florida and our scholarship program for Israeli students, the only program of its kind in the United States.

25 full-time scholarships are allocated each semester. All other applicants will be ranked as runner-ups. After the add-drop period of your school, we will verify the number of credits actually used.  Unused credits will be awarded to the runner-ups, starting with the highest ranked one. Students who receive the scholarship in the middle of the semester will be notified and should expect a refund check.

deadline for submitting applications is as follows:

Term of Scholarship          Application Deadline Dates         Award Notification Dates

       Fall                                      June 15                                           July 15
       Spring                                October 15                                      November 15
       Summer                             March 15                                         April 15

Please see the Definition, Rules and Guidelines regarding selection criteria for the scholarships awarded by the Florida-Israel Institute (FII). The new rules became effective on March 31, 2006 (after being approved by the FII Academic Advisory Board).

To view a MS Word document of the
Definition, Rules and Guidelines, click Here.

Application Check List for Students Who are Past Recipients of FII Scholarship. * (For more details, review the Definition, Rules and Guidelines mentioned above):
Official Transcript (minimum GPA 3.0). Please note: Photocopies or scanned images will no longer be accepted.
Proof of Community Service. Students are expected to represent the State of Israel in Florida and serve as good ambassadors to the Florida community, therefore, community service must be performed in Jewish or Israeli organizations.   (Please elaborate, add photos, letters of reference and other evidence).
Two Letters of Reference. It is expected that reference letters by provided by professors or instructors who know you academically.  Reference letters are good up to one year, but can be replaced with new letters at any time.
Essay. Essay is good for one year, however, it is requested that you provide an update each semester by adding one or two paragraphs to your existing essay, or to improve your essay score.  To check your essay rating, call Shari Saylor, at 561-297-4093.
Student Update of Information required each semester. Click Here.
6)  Submit a copy of course schedule for the semester.
7) Please mail hard copies by the deadline posted above to:

Zvi Roth, Ph.D.
     Florida-Israel Institute, SE-470
     Florida Atlantic University
     777 Glades Road
     Boca Raton, FL  33431

Check List for New Students * (for more details review the Definition, Rules and Guidelines mentioned above)
1) Israeli grade transcript (High-School diploma, both in Hebrew and English)
2) Two Letters of reference (Hebrew accepted).
3) Essay (English only).
4) Copy of Israeli passport and U.S. visa.
5)  Verification of IDF Service.  If exempt from service, please provide an explanation and         documentation.
6) Official transcripts of any college or university attended.
7) Letter of acceptance from a state-supported Florida college or university.
8) Submit
Student Update of Information.  Click Here.
9) Submit copy of course schedule once enrolled.
10) When semester ends and grades are posted, submit official transcript.
11) Please mail hard copies to Dr. Roth at the address below:

Zvi Roth, Ph.D.
     Florida-Israel Institute, SE-470
     Florida Atlantic University
     777 Glades Road
     Boca Raton, FL  33431

* Meeting all of the above conditions does not ensure an award of the FII scholarship as scholarships are given on a competitive basis. 

** If as a student you are not a continuing scholarship student or a new student incoming from Israel, or if you have questions, please call Dr. Zvi Roth at 561-297-3471, or Shari Saylor at 561-297-4093, to discuss your situation.

Final Notes :

1) Send all original and copies of documents to the following address:

Zvi Roth, Ph.D.
     Florida-Israel Institute, SE-470
     Florida Atlantic University
     777 Glades Road
     Boca Raton, FL  33431

2)  Florida-Israel Institute scholarships are only available to students attending colleges or universities in the State University System of Florida and the Florida Community College System.

3) For more general information about the Florida-Israel Institute scholarships, you may find the following PowerPoint presentation useful. Please click

4) For Community Service opportunities please click "Community Service."

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